The Most Effective Ways to Acquire Followers on Instagram without Spending Money

Five hundred million is the number of active users in Instagram. The Instagram stats could be said to be highly impressive and quite encouraging. A little breakdown may surprise you and simultaneously, get you excited. Instagram is simply a gold mine for the producers and marketers as also, it is proven to have over 300 million active daily users and 80% of them are from outside America. Nevertheless, it may not be an easy task to acquire many followers if you are not renowned or famous hence this article reveals the hidden potential of gaining more fans.

Signup with Facebook

It is typically the quickest and easiest method to set up your Instagram Account. It automatically allows one to follow their Facebook friends that are on Instagram and in turn, they may follow you back. Your family and friends hence become your first followers, and this helps boost your profile and get one ready for the big deal.

Quality Photos and Videos

An essential thing on Instagram is the quality of the pictures and videos you post. You should ensure that they are of very high quality before you post them. It helps you acquire more followers, likes, and comments and pushes you up the ladder way above your competitors with a similar niche as you have.

Like and Comment on Other Photos

This trick is referred to as notice me. It is just like your first day at school. There may be no people who know you, and the only way individuals may get interested in interacting with you is by you making the first move by maybe saying hi to gain their attraction. Those people gain interest in you and visit your profile and may follow you in turn.

Follow Others

It is certainly the fastest way to grow your Instagram Followers. Most people opt to follow for a follow. When you follow others, they follow you back, and a connection is created between the two of you.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags go a long way on social media, and this is not exceptional on Instagram. They help one get more popularity and visibility on Instagram. The more hashtags one uses, then the more familiar you become hence more followers, more like and it also boosts your profile.

Exchange Shout outs

It is simply a way of promoting others whereas they promote you and can be referred to a win-win situation. You simply need to look for people within your niche, reach out to them and request for a shout out. One can easily do this by sending them a simple request on Instagram or email them.

The ways written above are easy to apply and do not require spending any extra money to gain more followers without having to spend any money. However, some may opt to buy followers, and this results into buying of fake accounts. It is therefore advisable to consult and widely research on credibility before choosing to buy followers from

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