Some Useful tips on Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Bathroom is an important part in every home. If your bathroom is small, you need be to be careful while making floor plans. Trying to fit everything in a small bathroom can be difficult. But, if you follow some tips it may not be that much difficult. In this article, I will discuss with you some tips on small bathroom floor plans.

Tips on Small Bathroom Floor Plans

The following tips should help you while making small bathroom floor plans.

Installing a Corner Sink

A pedestal sink may sometimes disrupt the only available walking lane in a bathroom. In this situation, you should place a corner sink across from the toilet. It will be better than a sink across from the shower. Because, the opening and closing of the shower door may cause an awkward walk-around condition.

Using a Shower Curtain

A shower curtain saves space over a glass door. Because, a shower curtain moves back and forth and a glass door moves in and out.

Floating the Vanity

You may mount a vanity above the bathroom floor. This will free up a little space for small items.

Rounding the Vanity

In a tight space, the corners of a vanity may get in the way. In this case, you can choose a round vanity. Round vanity works pretty good in a square space.

Extending the Counter over the Toilet

An extended counter will make enough space for a few important items. Your toilet placement will not be affected by this. In addition, the look will be minimalist and clean. You can make this arrangement with stone or a wood slab.

Using a Large-Scale Pattern

A large-scale pattern can make the space appear expanded. Although, the square footage may be the same, the bathroom will feel bigger.

Using a Glass Panel

In a tight space, a glass panel instead of a glass shower door will be better. This will keep most of the water in the shower. In addition, it will free up required elbow space.

Expanding the Mirror

You should have a mirror stretch across the wall instead of just the vanity. It works best in the tightest spaces. This will enable two people to use it at once.

Mounting the Towel Bar on a Door

As space is at the minimum, you need to use every inch of it. Mount a towel bar on the shower door. This will keep towel handy.

Installing a Trough Sink

Trough sink can be a good looking space solution. It has a low profile. It will free up floor space for storage or foot traffic, when wall mounted.

Using a Wall-Mounted Faucet

If you use a wall-mounted faucet, it will allow for a narrower sink or vanity. This way, it will free up square footage in the total bathroom.

Using Light Colors

Light colors open the space and give you space to breathe. It is a good idea for a small bathroom.

If you keep these tips in mind while making small bathroom floor plans, you can get most out of your bathroom.

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