Secure House decision on the basis of builder’s experiences!

Taking the decision to build a House is an equation with multiple unknowns. What should be taken into account in the decision, reports the Institute for client surveys.

In the framework of the Institute is company-specific and representative the current satisfaction of charlotte custom home builders home construction companies tested and then certified. The focus of all activities is the written survey of builders, who have already brought their experiences with the respective House construction company behind.

The certification requirements are high, finally new construction buyers through the work of the Institute should receive an additional decision support.

Uncompromising queried what required a new building prospect for his decision. Customer-oriented set up house construction professionals know that anyway. In many cases there are qualified, capable of certification results on the table, reasonably used in the customer conversation.

But what should a building prospect do, if he reaches a house-building company that is not certified?

The network is in this case unhelpful, as organizational or technical information on processes or products! These are no doubt important, but include other topics.

At the end, only proven customer satisfaction, is one for the Institute measured at the recommended rate of builders! This expresses the entire customer orientation of the company. It goes wrong just times what on each construction site, this is normal! What matters is how that deals.

The Institute for client surveys questions including the contract and budget security, the desire – and request fulfillment, fixed price agreements, rest works and rectification, contractually guaranteed completion and construction for the determination of client satisfaction. At the end, the company for a clear recommendation of its builders is or not.

According to the Institute, a more crucial factor in the decision per or vs. House construction company should be the ratio of satisfied, merited further the company building owners. Customer-oriented set up house construction professionals are loosely over 80% in practice, this is the benchmark.

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