How to Make Beautiful Baby-Burping Cloths

What can be more exciting than the anticipated arrival of a new baby? Here’s a quick and simple sewing project that will result in very cute and extremely useful items for the new parents and their baby.

The first time the proud new mother and father take their little bundle of joy out for a visit, they will thank you profusely for helping them to protect their own apparel in style!

Here’s what you will need to construct your beautiful baby burping cloths:

1 package of cloth diapers
Assorted ruffled laces and trims
Sewing notions (pins, threads, scissors, etc.)

Here’s how to create your beautiful baby burping cloths:

Open out a merino baby clothes diaper, with the tufted side facing up. (The flat side will face down.)

Pin your chosen trim along the seam of the diaper.

Set up your sewing machine with a top thread that closely matches your trim. Fill the bobbin with white thread, as this will not show against the cloth diaper.

Set your sewing machine for a zig-zag stitch. Select the highest number of stitches per inch that you can.

Machine-applique the trim onto the diaper. Be sure to tuck both ends of the trim under, so that you will leave no raw edges to fray.

Repeat the same process to embellish the other seam.

Consider using a variety of trims to create a collection of beautiful baby burping cloths in just a few minutes.

It’s sew easy!

Creative hint:

Why not stitch up a few beautiful baby burping cloths, and use them to wrap a smaller baby gift? Tie a pretty ribbon around the whole parcel. Tag on a teething ring or rattle to add to the fun!


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