Some Useful tips on Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Bathroom is an important part in every home. If your bathroom is small, you need be to be careful while making floor plans. Trying to fit everything in a small bathroom can be difficult. But, if you follow some tips it may not be that much difficult. In this article, I will discuss with you some tips on small bathroom floor plans.

Tips on Small Bathroom Floor Plans

The following tips should help you while making small bathroom floor plans.

Installing a Corner Sink

A pedestal sink may sometimes disrupt the only available walking lane in a bathroom. In this situation, you should place a corner sink across from the toilet. It will be better than a sink across from the shower. Because, the opening and closing of the shower door may cause an awkward walk-around condition.

Using a Shower Curtain

A shower curtain saves space over a glass door. Because, a shower curtain moves back and forth and a glass door moves in and out.

Floating the Vanity

You may mount a vanity above the bathroom floor. This will free up a little space for small items.

Rounding the Vanity

In a tight space, the corners of a vanity may get in the way. In this case, you can choose a round vanity. Round vanity works pretty good in a square space.

Extending the Counter over the Toilet

An extended counter will make enough space for a few important items. Your toilet placement will not be affected by this. In addition, the look will be minimalist and clean. You can make this arrangement with stone or a wood slab.

Using a Large-Scale Pattern

A large-scale pattern can make the space appear expanded. Although, the square footage may be the same, the bathroom will feel bigger.

Using a Glass Panel

In a tight space, a glass panel instead of a glass shower door will be better. This will keep most of the water in the shower. In addition, it will free up required elbow space.

Expanding the Mirror

You should have a mirror stretch across the wall instead of just the vanity. It works best in the tightest spaces. This will enable two people to use it at once.

Mounting the Towel Bar on a Door

As space is at the minimum, you need to use every inch of it. Mount a towel bar on the shower door. This will keep towel handy.

Installing a Trough Sink

Trough sink can be a good looking space solution. It has a low profile. It will free up floor space for storage or foot traffic, when wall mounted.

Using a Wall-Mounted Faucet

If you use a wall-mounted faucet, it will allow for a narrower sink or vanity. This way, it will free up square footage in the total bathroom.

Using Light Colors

Light colors open the space and give you space to breathe. It is a good idea for a small bathroom.

If you keep these tips in mind while making small bathroom floor plans, you can get most out of your bathroom.


Oil Extractor- Open a Different Arena In food Processing Industry Business

oil extractor

The technology took a grasp over the food industry a long time ago. Food processing is not possible without the help of the modern technology. Many types of machinery and equipment have been discovered to accelerate the food business. A restaurant or a food processing unit can’t be imagined without the food processing equipment.

Generally, food processing is a method of transforming the raw food ingredients into the edible food. Food processing types of machinery are used for different purpose in the different place. We use many food processing pieces of equipment in our daily life in our kitchen. Mixer, blender, juicer, coffee maker, rice cooker, etc. also some food processing equipment which we regularly use to process our food. But in the big industries where foods are processed for the preserving purpose, need to have heavy equipment. There may have many categories of food processing like meat processing, sugar processing, oil processing, canning, packaging, etc.


oil extractorDescription of different types of food processing categories are given below:

  1. Canning and packaging:Canning and packaging of the food materials to preserve the food for a long time are also included in the food processing industry. In fact, it is the most important and integral part of food processing industry. Foods are kept in the air tight can or pot to preserve it for a long time and this is not possible without the help of the packaging and canning equipment. Packaging and Canning help things not to effect by the external factors.
  2. Oil processing:Oil is extracted from various sources. There are different types of oil like sunflower oil, soya bean oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. Different types of oil are collected by the oil extractor from the related sources. Various steps are followed to finally extract the oil from the individual source.
  3. Meat processing:Meat processing equipment is the most demandable equipment of restaurants. Any restaurants and fast food shop require having meat processing equipment. However, if your need is small, you can buy the processed meat. But if you require a large quantity of meat for operating your daily operations then you need to have a meat slicer, grinder, chopper, etc. equipment to process the meat well.
  4. Sugar processing:Sugar is also an important food ingredient. The sugar industry has risen based on the availability of the sugar processing equipment. From the sugar cane, the main extract of sugar is taken. Then after many processing, we get the raw sugar.

So these are the most common and leading food processing equipment which are helping a great way to get the perfect food. Some food processing equipment is very costly and heavy. So not everyone can afford this equipment. When you need to buy food processing equipment, you should do some research about the product and then buy it.


How Merchandise Liquidators can Avoid Risk While Buying Closeouts

Businesspersons may need to close their business for various reasons. Merchandise liquidators can help them in this regard. Their job is to help businesspersons to liquidate their assets. If you are a merchandise liquidator, you will need to buy closeouts. But, if you are not careful, you may get in trouble. In this article, I will discuss about how you can avoid risk while buying closeouts.

The wholesale closeout industry is filled with frauds. They view this industry as an easy way to earn money. If you are unprepared, you can be an easy prey to them. Being prepared is crucial. Because, most buyers cannot overcome the loss resulting in from buying unverified stocks.

Some Necessary Precautions

If you are working with a new supplier for the first time, you should take some certain precautions. This way, you can verify if the supplier is legitimate.

See their Business Registration

A legitimate business must have business registration. They will also not hesitate to show you it. Not having a registration does not necessarily mean that the person is dishonest though. You need to check how they response to your request to see it. If they become defensive or are not straightforward, you should not deal with them.

Check Online about them

If you want to be sure about the credibility of your suppliers, you can check online about them. For reviews about them, online forums can be helpful.

Ask about their Warehouse

Your supplier must need a place to store the stockloads. If they do not have a warehouse, you may end the deal right away. Not having a warehouse means that there are no products. It may also mean that, the person talking to you does not have access there.

Take Help of Google Maps

Frauds may give a false address to you to make their business look legitimate. They generally assume that no one will bother to check. You will just need to type the address for a Google search. The result will tell you a lot about your supplier’s business. You should use the street view to confirm that the place is actually a warehouse.

Be Sure about the Product Quality

You need to be sure about the quality of the product you are buying. Fid out the origin of the product.

Visit the Site

If you can do it, you should always meet a supplier in person. This is the best way to understand someone’s intentions. In this way, you can also see the products, and know if they are good enough.

Check References

You should ask the supplier for letters of references from people they have worked with. If they hesitate or provide you fake references, you can easily understand their nature.

Merchandise liquidators need to use several of the methods to be sure about your supplier’s credibility. This way, they can do business without worries.


Recovering Lost Data Files Using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

QuickBooks can often cause problems. It is always better to take precaution to prevent these problems from happening. However, if your data do get lost, you can use several options. In this article, I will discuss about Auto Data Recovery for QuickBooks recovery.

Auto Data Recovery

Auto Data Recovery can help your QuickBooks recovery process by recovering damaged files. Auto Data Recovery was introduced in QuickBooks 2012 and later and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0 R4 and later. It may provide you with all or nearly all of your data right now. You should use all this solution after you have used all appropriate troubleshooting resources.

The Auto Data Recovery is only available in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions for Windows now. The ADR file has a size limitation of 1.5 GB. If the backup file size is larger than 1.5 GB, an ADR file will not be created.

QuickBooks Recovery Using Auto Data recovery

There are two ways of QuickBooks recovery using Auto data recovery. The most common and efficient one is described here.
You can use the original Transaction Log file with the Auto Data Recovery Company file to use to recreate all recent transactions.

1.    First, open the folder where the company file is stored.
•    In the No Company Open Screen, make note of the path.
•    Open that folder in Windows Explorer.

2.    If necessary, make file extensions.
•    Choose Organize>Folder, then search options.
•    Click the View tab.
•    Click and clear the Hide extensions for known file types checkbox.

3.    Take note of the size and date modified for Company file (.qbw) and Transaction Log file (.tlg).

4.    Create a new folder. Name it Old Files.

5.    Then, move the Company file to the Old files folder.

6.    Open the QuickBooks Auto data recovery folder. You will find it in the same folder as the company file.

7.    Take note of the size and date modified for the following two.
•    The 12 hour Auto Recovery files:
I)       Company files (.qbw.adr)
II)     Transaction Log File (.qbw.tlg).

•    The 24 hour Auto recovery files:
i)    Company file (.qbw.adr.old)
ii)    Transaction Log File (.qbw.tlg.old).

8.    Right-click the copy of the Company files (.qbw.adr.). Then, select copy.

9.    Go to the folder where the company file is stored.

10.    Choose Organize>Paste to copy the file to this folder.

11.    Right-click the Company file (.qbw.adr). Then, choose Rename.

12.    From the end of the name of the file, delete .adr.

13.    Then, open QuickBooks.

14.    Open the Company file.

15.    To verify that all transactions are restored, use reports or account registers.

16.    Use the Verify Data Utility.

In this way, you can perform QuickBooks recovery using Auto Data Recovery. It is simple, easy to use and efficient.


Sonata car covers

When selecting a car cover, there are very many things that you should bear in mind. Remember you will be making the selection from very many types that are available in the market today. Just to mention, you should always mind of the conditions of your parking yard, the weather elements as well as the exact needs that you are looking for your vehicle. In this case, for more information concerning some guideline while choosing Sonata car covers has been detailed in this article. (more…)


Want to Know More Youtube Marketing?

Whiteboard animation is the subsequent generation technology on earth of video development. If you’re convinced the professional way of whiteboard animation is the greatest approach to symbolize your brand, contact us today. Free whiteboard animation software is a significant method to produce your brand stick out. You can now produce your very own expert whiteboard animation-style video with Cardiff video company! If you’re able to sell to somebody in that brief time period, you don’t require any whiteboard videos. The following option requires a little more creativity, but it’s very powerful.

Whiteboard videos are both merry and entertaining. As you could see, it’s unbelievably simple to make your own doodle animations in an issue of moments. Better yet, since it’s a little quirky, it’s more likely which people will recommend it to others. Although they’ll never be sufficient to fulfill all expectations on several stories, at least you’ll have far more free SVG images to begin with.

Much like many people within the digital or even within the print world you may well be interested in understanding how to design your own animation. There’s now a number of photo publishing program, originally made for creating animated photo albums, that one may use even for educational or marketing messages. Today’s directors are aware that a digital storyboard is merely the smartest approach to receive organized and obtain their vision onto film. Surely, there is not anything bad about best browser games which are text only. Still, you can find storyboard example online. This will be able to help you focus your head on locations, the kinds of actors and actresses you must hire, and how much it’ll all cost.

An easy manner to begin with YouTube is to perform a book review by video. Explainer videos permit you to provide the viewer info regarding your company in a quick and interesting manner, and can be more persuasive than text and images. It is possible to send across your promotion message promptly and clearly to a bigger audience utilizing an explainer video. Now we’ll examine the basics involved in producing an amazing animated marketing video. Video scribe is a parcel of software that permits you to make animation in this way. The application has a great deal of sketched images to pick from to construct your animation (and you could also import your own images).

Vowels and Consonants may be taught in an exceedingly interactive way by using animation within it. This article is a normal instance of this. Put simply, there’s a good need for the item because it has a solution to problems, awareness that everybody should benefit from. This really is precisely a single reason to utilize cartoon videos for your own marketing requirements. The teachers too can store the info for later use. This really is because they’re going to be able to aid you with several different angles.